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Avenue is a charity that provides support to families and individuals across the North East of Scotland, with a focus on relationships, wellbeing and children. We offer a range of services to encourage personal growth, strengthen relationships, promote family wellbeing, support children and enable healthy environments for all. We are working towards a world in which happy, healthy people enjoy harmonious and respectful interactions in all aspects of their lives.

Avenue offers a variety of services. Our team is made up of practitioners with a range of training, experience and specialisms. We know that everybody (and every family) is different so we aim to offer you a package of support tailored to your needs.

This might include:

Individual Counselling block
Children and young people counselling block
Couple Counselling block
Family Time block
Parenting Apart block
Family Mediation block
Family Therapy block
Family Wellbeing Groups Block
Consulting Children block
Play Therapy block
Art Therapy block
CBT Block
Sexual Therapies block

Avenue is a member of Relationships Scotland

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